Dayon AlarmDayon AlarmTruly Cutting Edge

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We offer three distinguishable types of alarms with exciting features never seen before. Fully featured. No in-app payments. Reliable.

Be in Time

State of the art. Dayon adjusts your wake up time by including up to date routing and traffic data.

Don't Repeat Yourself

We help you break the rules. Once added, Dayon's well-thought and novel "Calendar Based" alarm leverages productivity and your time-management, automatically.

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Dayon Alarm

Truly Cutting Edge
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Dayon Alarm

Truly Cutting Edge

Location Driven

Ever caught yourself calculating your wake up time in order to be somewhere else than in bed? Good news, you don't have to do it anymore. Dayon adds a new facet to alarms never seen before. The novel Location Based and Calendar Based alarm adjust your wake up time based on routing data.

Combining Alarm and Calendar

Dayon fuses the idea of alarms we used to know with your calendar and our novel Location Based alarm, climaxing in a new form of alarm called "Calendar Based Alarm". With little configuration and a well maintained calendar you do not need to think of setting an alarm ever again. Our well-thought-out and well-tested algorithms make Dayon a high quality alarm and that's for free. Why free? Yes you are right, because the best things in life are free.

Stopwatch and Timer

Dayon is not "just" an alarm, it is also shipped with a timer and a stopwatch to build a well rounded package as a time management solution. What makes them really special is that both, the timer and the stopwatch save your time history for further use. For example, from now on you are able to share your timer setting of your world famous apple pie with one easy click.

Advanced Configuration

Dayon includes multiple well designed mechanism in order to be suitable and reliable for everyone. Additionally, the app comes with plenty of useful alarm configurations like: slow volume increase, mp3-support and many more.

A Little More We Want to Say


Dayon is well maintained and tested. We have many ideas with the app and try to make periodically updates that are highly influenced by the voice of the community.

Battery Saving

We believe that an alarm app should work silently in the background, so we spent much time in making Dayon as power-saving as possible. As a result we reached much better performance than most ordinary alarm apps out there.


Dayon implements Google's Material Design as good as possible to lead on with a consistent user experience across apps.

Full Featured

We want to give the full Dayon experience to you. Consequently we do not believe in paid options, hidden payments, or in-app payments.

Your Privacy is Most Important to Us

We want to emphasize that we do not transmit any personal data to our servers and/or 3rd party services.

Dayon does not track your location.

Dayon transmits anonymous data to various Google services for this app to work or help us improve the app.

Dayon saves your data in an encrypted way on your phone. You can delete your data or set a self-chosen encryption key in the app’s settings menu.

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